Alyss- the true story.

(Here comes one for you english people- I feel I have to express myself in english this time)

Lately i have spent my time trying to find the true story of Alyss, or as you may know her- Alice, and her companions, comrades and enemies.

I have stumbled upon a story told by a man who goes by the name of Frank Beddor. He seems to be telling the truth, at least if I am to trust the Wikipedia page where the story is told. If you wish to read it, search for Alyss of Wonderland or The Lookingglass Wars at Wikipedia.

He has missed a few details though, the details I now will explain to you. You may wonder how I know these facts. Therefor I'll tell you that Alyss is a very close friend to me. Well, at least that is the most I'll tell you. Forgive me for not sharing more about this.

The details I mentioned are these:

Hatter Madigan, sometimes known as the Mad Hatter, or just Hatter, is in Beddor's books confused with Dodge. Beddor explains how Dodge and Alyss are in love. I know for a fact that this is not true. Dodge is really related to Alyss, and a very good friend of hers. It is Hatter who holds the heart of Alyss.

Hatter is not a bodyguard. However, he pretended to be one to save his head from decapitation. I mean, what hatter would want to lose his head?!

Alyss was not on Earth for thirteen years, but thirteen MONTHS, just enough time for Wonderland to almost be destroyed by the evil queen.

Alyss was not seven years when this happened, she was seventeen years old when she finally returned to Wonderland (sixteen when she by mistake found her way to Earth).

Alyss had lived in the real world for sixteen years, until she fell through a puddle and found her way to where she really belongs.

The Cat is not, and has never been an enemy of Alyss. The Cat is a creature of its own, and does whatever he thinks is right. He did not participate in the war of Wonderland on the queen's side, but helped Alyss and her friends.

It is true though, that Alyss insisted (and still insists) on her name being spelled A-l-y-s-s. Why she did (does) so is our little secret...

Another shocking fact is that Frank Beddor is the great-grandson of Alyss. If you look at this adress (, you will find a piece of writing that tells you that the grandmother of Beddor is named Alice and that she used to read the old Alice In Wonderland-stories to him (the ones that are not even the slightest bit true), instead of the true one.

Alice (whos name, like her grandmother's is really spelled Alyss) lived on Earth ever since she met the love of her life, Beddor's grandfather. Who, may you ask, was Beddor's great-grandfather? Why, Hatter of course!

The reason why Alice (or Alyss, as you now know) insisted on telling the old, incorrect version of the original Alyss' adventures in Wonderland, is that she insisted on reminding Frank Beddor (whos real surname you will never know) of his true heritage, and the other version of the story. The one that the rest of the world knows.

Now you are one of the few people who knows the real story of Alyss and her adventures in Wonderland.
Tell it to all of the people you see have the wrong idea of who Alyss is!

P.S. Alyss (after those terrifying 13 months) moved back to Wonderland, and never aged a day.
She still lives in Wonderland with the Hatter and all of her other friends.

<3 from google eller nåt... :P//Flickan Med De Många Namnen. (//The Girl With The Many Names) and now, if you're smart, you ought to be able to find out at least two of those names...


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